Pride and Prejudice…Against My Boss

I have always wanted to break the prejudice against my boss, Senator Manny Pacquiao (SMP). I am aware that most of my social media and even real life friends are cynical about him.  Even I, was. I remember being enraged with his remark against the LGBT community just before he won the 2016 Senatorial elections. I loathed those who voted for him.

How did this perception change?

It was even before I worked for him. I attended a Sunday Service which guested SMP to preach. This was before he was proclaimed as a Senator. He passionately walked us through his vices and immoralities in the past. From his story, it seemed that he was beyond repair. Until he was saved by God. His manner and his wisdom when he preached guaranteed that indeed, he is a changed man. I was amazed by him. And I was so amazed by God’s mercy and grace to save a person ridden with iniquities.

Fast track to when I became part of his staff in the Senate. Preaching, life wisdom and his inspiring stories, come naturally integrated in our every meeting with him. With his sincerity and compassion in sharing the Word of God, I can 100% say that he is a man of virtue now. The very first bill he filed as his own was the National Bible Day. And it was the very first bill I drafted. There were too many critics. But the goal was indeed to walk against the crowd. The bill may have no tangible impact in our economy, but I am firm that it is a victorious spiritual move. To at least to remind the people that there is The Word of God is groundbreaking in itself.

I have witnessed how he turned down under the table dealings. He always tells us how he abhors those government officials or authorities who abuse their power and take advantage of the coffers of the people. He keeps saying that his position doesn’t matter to him because even without it, he was able to serve the people. With that, he stood in the front line of abolishing the Road Board, which has been a huge source of corruption by the legislators. Our fight wasn’t easy. It was even frustratingly deferred by the House of Representatives. But in the end, with his strong push to scrap such government office impinged with anomalies, we made it happen. Billions of moneys will be protected from the thieves in the position.

Indeed, why does he still has to become a Senator when he can already serve the people even when not in the position? BECAUSE THE FILIPINO PEOPLE DESERVES NOT ONLY TO BE SERVED, BUT ALSO TO BE PROTECTED.

In my almost seven years in the Senate, I have observed some legislations imbued with schemes for personal interests of the authors.

I am proud to say that my boss, yet in his first three years in the Senate, has already passed sixteen (16) laws, four of which were principally authored by him. Among these laws, apart from those already mentioned, are Philippine Sports Training Center – the first sports law in this administration, OFW Handbook Act, Increase in Monthly Old-Age Pension of Senior Veterans, Expanded Maternity Leave, Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development, Quantitative Import Restrictions on Rice, Universal Health Care Act, Philippine Identification System Act, Free Internet Access in Public Places, HIV and AIDS Policy Act, and National Integrated Cancer Control Act. All these laws are for the common good.

His capacity is not to doubt. Besides, how can one be a renowned World Boxing Champion if he does not have the wits? He also inculcates to us as work ethics the values he embrace in his boxing: speed, style and stamina.


 I always hear my professors in law school criticizing legislators, and most of the time that includes my boss. Each time I hear this, I feel equally attacked. A professor who asked to whom I am working for in the Senate, even exclaimed “YUCK!” in front of a number of people during an enrollment. I always dread every first day of all classes when professors ask us to introduce ourselves and eventually ask where we work, if any. I can’t remember any professor who never made me feel judged every time I say my boss’ name.

Even my own friends impliedly or explicitly criticize my boss in my face or in social media. Some even ask why I chose to work for him.


I feel reassured because it is me who is in the position where I am right now AND NOT SOMEONE who lacks the capacity to be in the position but nevertheless benefits through salaries taken from the taxes of the Filipino people; one who does not work with integrity and honesty; one who does not promote and uphold checks and balances; one who does not seek to be a salt and light in the workplace; one who does not think that the job must be done always for the Filipino people and not for personal interests; one who does not think the one ultimately being served is the Almighty God, and that my boss is merely used as His instrument to serve and protect our nation.

I hope and pray that those who are likewise products of my university which instilled in me the value of serving the people with honor and integrity, would put a stop at this perception that they alone or their equals deserve to ‘serve the people’ or deserve to be in the legislature. I am proud to apprise you that there are people, even uneducated, who live by the same principle; who seeks not only to serve the people, but do the same with honor and integrity.

Rather than never giving them a chance to prove themselves or ceaselessly pulling them down, why not contribute in helping them serve our country to the fullest? After all, they are chosen by the Filipino people. There is nothing we can do about it but do our part on how their positions must be fully maximized to serve and protect our nation and not their own interests.

283 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice…Against My Boss

  1. Nice one! Your boss is the real definition of public service. If given a chance to pick 12 senators, i still choose your boss 11times..😂😂😂

    1. SMP is an inspiration. People are quick to judge. One negative trait many Filipinos have is crab mentality. This should stop and instead each one of us should do our part for the benefit of our country.

      1. Your professors and friends should be the ones who should feel ashamed thinking so highly of themselves and criticizing a man of virtue. Kudos to you for sharing this! God bless you both. 🙂

    2. Very well-said! ATTITUDE really defines a person, and SMP is one good example for all to emulate. May he remain steadfast in his mission to serve and protect our country and may his tribe multiply. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your boss.

      1. With all that money he got (did he pay his taxes already?), he can easily afford very positive write ups like this. It’s election time again! He probably learnbed it from one of those trapos that he hangs around with too often. Tell it to the marines.

    3. You never said anything about his income tax cases! Care to comment? If he is so against thieves in the government, then maybe he should settle his delinquency with the BIR? Or is he in government to make sure he does not pay…..

          1. Very well said Ms. Kim. I hope all the Filipino People will appreciate and acknowledge SMP contribution. Keep it up!

        1. Very nice reply Ms. Kim against comment of Mr. Dave 😊, lets steadfastly pray for SMP n Sec Cayetano as they are using by God. Hoping also that Cong. Abante return to congress. Soli Deo Gloria.😊☝️😊

        2. Very good response to one who obviously did not do his homework a out the BIR case.
          Kudos to you and SMP, sometimes one must dare to stand, to make a stand. You just did! Thank you!

        3. Great job Kim,your boss is truly a new person,it is not him to be glorified but the Lord whom renewed him,, God bless sen. Manny, Kaayo sa Ginoo sa imong Kinabuhi maong magpagamit jud hangtod sa hantod Kaniya..

        4. Yes he is a man of integrity, humble and he truly love his mother , God will bless him more and more! My wife Josie Galvez work with him in his movie production as dubbing director!

      1. Read the law of our state’s taxitoon firt before asking such criticizing question. SMP already paid his due taxes where he earned the money. Plus maybe you don’t Until now the monkey is not yet totally free from the eagle? Take note of that.

        1. You boss is God’s sent, may his tribe increase and may God continue to inspire him to serve us the in God’s way…Long live Manny!!!

      2. Like any other company/individual, the taxpayer has equal right to prove that they are innocent, unless proven otherwise. I have encountered a number of BIR investigations and most of which have baseless roots. Wag pakampante that they are right agad agad. They knew na makakadami sila kay SMP para makaquota. Mind you, they have quotas.

      3. He already paid the taxes on his winnings to the Internal Revenue Service/Dept of the Treasury in the USA. Arum had already provided proof of payment and tax filings to Henares. PH and USA have a tax treaty and as a result his winnings are not subject to income tax in the Philippines (no double taxation). This was a simple case even a neophyte CPA/tax attorney could easily defend this in court. But we all know this was a politically motivated witch hunt by the LP to punish Manny for supporting the opposition.

      4. Magkano na ba ang nabayad mong tax compare kay SMP sir? Malaki na ba ang naitulong mo sa bayan?
        Basahin mo na lang din yung reply sayo ni Kimlaurente regarding sa tax case na sinasabi mo..

        1. i voted for senator Pacquiao for i knew he would serve the Filipino people with integrity and i know that education is not the only barometer of service.

      5. I attended a 3 day income tax training in Makati as an owner of a company in the Philippines. The trainor commented about the case of SMP regarding tax evasion. His comment is one that struck me. “It is not actually him who caused the tax evasion charges, it is his trusted accountants did do what has to be done in accordance with Philippine tax law.”

      6. Kahit anong gawin talaga ng isang tao, mali parin talaga yung nakikita. Before you comment about the tax case, updated ka ba? Nako naman

    4. Definite correct.. I Agree!!! Me too if He will continue to his legacy as senator will always suppot Him.
      Yes .. SMP recieved huge attack commonly majority of it questioned His Capacity it because he don’t have any baccalaureate degree on His past.. wla sia hinahawakang anu man papel na makadagdag pabango sa pangalan nia but i fully realized aanhin mo naman ang titulo .. oo nakapag tapos nga sa magagarang paaralan ..matunog at mabango ang pangalan sa pulitika professional tingnan nakakagalang galang respetado dahil sa educational attainment .. peo so when it comes in ethical so professional also in such a bullshit thing, under the table transactions .. corrupt ayun sad to say that many filipinos are ok to used for this manipulative lawmaker.. double cara.. majority of the attackers of SMP/ and to our president are those who corrupt government individuals they do black propaganda inorder to destroy the image of those officials who serve with integrity so that people might hate them.. Haist hope so filipinos will not allowed themselves to be the puppet ng mga corrupt na officials ..we salute you SMP ..

    5. Agree with “protector”. Im not a fan of boxing but I think he has great leadership and statesman skills.
      I voted for your boss!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I witnessed SMPs life and career since 2003 where I lived in the same city and worked in ABS CBN, I have known him long time ago with all his vices. Last 2016 I was given an opportunity to witness his preaching, I couldnt help myself from crying, tears just wont stop from falling. He is indeed a changed man. But I know in my heart he is really a kind person even with all his vices, he help a lot of people and trust a lot of them too and forgives a lot of people who took advantage of him. I am so proud of him. I always got same reaction from other people if they heard I am from Gensan and known SMP, same reaction, but I never stopped defending him. He is indeed Pride of GenSan or May I say, of my beloved country Philippines 🇵🇭

    1. He is fit as a local executive but never as a legislator because he can’t face and stand up to a debate regarding law matters as his knowledge is very limited…

        1. Specifically for Alejandro… May I suggest you read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill… You’d find men who excelled with greatness with what you just mentioned “limited knowledge” – – you don’t have to be knowledgeable to capture the heart of human SOULS..OUR ACTIONS are more gratifying than what you feed in your brain. You have the knowledge but you still fail to deliver. SMP all the way!!

        2. Great stuff Kim. I’ve never doubted Manny, he may be inexperienced before but he has the right goals in mind and heart.

          Now that he has the needed experience, I think he is a force to reckon. I wish to see more daily Manny stories or videos, he is an inspiration.

        3. As a christian we need to support our brother in Christ to change our country especially the culture of corruption.i always remember my uncle which also a pastor, every time we watch the fight of Sen Manny, he layhands the TV and declare that someday Manny will accept Jesus as His Lord And Savior.His prayer was answered Sen Manny became Born Again. He’s the only senator we know his wealth not came from corruption and literally came from blood and sweat

      1. Point taken!! But ur funny, read properly !!! Universal health care ;who would
        Have though that a 3rd world country would
        Have that!!! Coz if Him!

      2. Yes I agree that he’s not eloquent enough to answer during debates MR ALEJANDRO T. CANDA…..BUT sadly those knowledgeable LEGISLATORS who pulvorize opponents on debateable issues are the ones who break the law. Its a fact. Knowledge indeed is power but without integrity and honor you are lower than those uneducated people who live by the law. Better SMP who cannot defend by words but in ACTIONS prove that he is indeed wiser than those LEGISLATORS who are sooooooo knowledgeable in your eyes. After all they are that smart to manipulate and find loopholes in the law by which they themselves create for their own benefit. You cannot fill a cup which is already full……of lies,greed,corruption!

        1. Couldn’t agree more with what you stated. Well-said. Those legislators with honorable letters next to their names from university degrees, are maybe knowledgeable, but if they are using their knowledge for corruption and un-honorable acts, then their education is useless. Blessed are those who are wise, especially those who draw from the Lord their wisdom and righteousness, like SMP’s. The Lord’s wisdom is unlimited.

        2. How I wish all politicians will be like SMP and the Philippines will prosper. Most of them when they decided to run, they’re saying for the common good of the people. But after winning and taking the position and power they were eaten by the system adding to the rotten bunch of greedy politicians. So I think Duterte is right when he said that SMP is the next fitting President

      3. Much better is a limited knowledge with a big heart for God and for the Filipinos,than lots of knowledge but have no heart.
        God looks at the heart not on the mind .I believe it is God who placed SMP in the Senate to SHAME THE WISE.

        1. I say Amen to that: 1 Corinthians 1:27-30
          27 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 28 God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, 29 so that no one may boast before him. 30 It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption.” Thank you so much Ma’am Kim Laurente for writing this blog. I also thank you because you stood your ground! Since Sen Manny Pacquiao fought Barrera 15th November 2003, Since then I started following him and reviewed all his 70 fights from his first fight against Edmund Ignacio in 1995 to his last fight against Broner with a record of: 70 fights, 61 wins, 7 losses and 2 draws. I watched his fights listening to commentators and post fight interviews including the comment of Mario Lopez when he commented that Manny’s English has gone very well! The greatest thing that happened in Manny’s life is when he found the Lord and surrendered his life to Him completely, that’s truly amazing and very heart-warming! Yes, his comment about LGBT had cost him his endorsement of NIKE and many others but he was not moved by it…he stood his ground and I salute him for that…being the next president? Only God knows…David was a shepherd and the last considered by his father Jesse and Prophet Samuel, God said, 1 Samuel 16:7
          But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” When David fought Goliath, he was only armed with a sling and 5 stones, how many Goliaths did Manny fight? 1 Samuel 17:45
          45 David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” Your write-up Ms. Laurente moved me to write this comment for the very first time…I hope Sen. Manny will be surrounded by people like you…kudos!

      4. Who says Pacquiao has limited knowledge? A person hungry for knowledge will do all he can to acquire it. And mind you Mr. Canda, Pacquiao has all the resources to be able to achieve it. I was like you before, I thought Sen. Pacquiao can’t handle the pressure in the senate. But his performance in the senate really amazed me. Just because the man is having hard time speaking in English doesn’t mean he has very limited knowledge. Fluency in English is not measure of a man’s wit. Maybe you have no idea that Manny surrounded himself with smart people. And he is learning from them.. one good example is the author of this article.

      5. There again the typecast. I have 2 post-grad degrees from UP and my first baccalaureate from another university and yet I am humbled by SMP’s achievments. If the Philippines needs debaters to move and level up in this game, excuse me, let’s just go to the barber shops. We have plenty of debaters there. Anyways , the rule is : no single person can decide the fitness of someone in the lawmaking chambers – it is the PEOPLE. So it is you (and the likes of you) versus us who is fed up of failed promises and ever growing corruption in this country. I puke with the mere mention of Drilon in one of the comments. I have witnessed Drilon to be side by side with Cory during the first EDSA …..(and what after 30+ years? – we are same’o. ) We need more selfless servants like SMP. God bless him and his staff.

    2. that heart of forgiving of those taking advantages of you is so hard to do it takes a solid christian heart to forgive and that is what the heart of SMP is!

    3. Thank you, Ms. Kim for writing this. I’ve always admired SMP mainly because I see him as a real,good hearted person. Please continue the good work. Also, if you guys can draft a bill that will also help all the poor animals in our country. A lot of them are neglected, abandoned or abused out of ignorance…hope all of them can get the help they need. Thank you

    1. Go SMP..tama ang salita ng Diyos..pinili nya ang mga mangmang para hiyain ang mga matatalino.
      Matatalino sila sa paningin ng mundo pero mangmang sila sa paningin ng Diyos..dahil ang totoong matalino ay yaong sumusunod sa salita ng Diyos.

  3. Thank you for this article. Senator Manny is a good public servant and this is because he loves and fears God, and loves the filipinos and our nation. He is a blessing to the senate. You are, too. Continue to shine for Jesus …

  4. A lot of people sees him as an underdog in his present position in the government.
    Most people and critics of Manny Paquiao are so proud and can’t accept the success that the good senator has achieved.
    They didn’t realize that the only difference between them and SMP is that they were able to attend school in the prescribed time in their blessed lives.
    SMP’s life was full of challenges that he was able to overcome.
    The critics refused to acknowledge these facts.
    At this time i pity these people.
    Thank you for supporting the Good senator.

    1. I am really teary eyed upon reading the articles and the good comments ….SMP is God’s man..sent to be an inspiration ..salt and light of this world…I know with God’s wisdom that for sure he’s filled with..we Filipinos must be proud of him …he is worthy of emulation…..God bless you SMP and the whole staff.

  5. I am glad you are part of his team. Keep going, ignore those who belittle for they know nothing about the real man that he is.

  6. Thank you for sharing this in the social media and pray millions will be able to read this especially those hard core critics of Him whose ears, eyes and heart are just close not to see the goodness of the person brought about by God’s infinite grace.
    I will continue to support him with my prayer and vote that God will accomplish His will and purpose because He is perfectly imperfect to be there for God’s grace stories ti be told.

  7. I really thank you for this article. Indeed SMP is a man of integrity , a changed man, a man who has the fear of God. The Bible says in Prov 9:10 , “ The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” He has the wisdom to do his duty as Senator because of His fear of God. God bless you indeed!

  8. My heart is full while reading this blog. I was one of his critics when it comes to competency, but didn’t hate him because he’s a good man, that’s all I know. But with this article, he’s indeed an individual of heart and wisdom. Thank you, Kim.

      1. Salamat kaayo Ma’am sa tapat na paglilingkod sa The Great Man SMP, napakasuwerty mo at ng buong team nagkaroon kayo ng Boss kagaya Niya. Hindi po ako taga-Gensan I’m from CDO pero feel ko ang tapat niyang paglilingkod sa Bayan at sa Pagpapalaganap sa Salita ng Diyos.
        President Du30 and SMP God bless po.. Thank you po Ms. Kim

  9. I too salute this man for his achievements in life and in his continued endeavour despite his age. He is well driven with his passion and faith in everything he does. Our country needs not more of him but more of what he has, that is fear and love of God and to His people. Thanks for sharing👍

  10. Thank you so much for this article. SMP is truly an unassuming, humble, and a great public servant. I say great since everyone knows he doesn’t need the money and he’s mainly doing it to serve and protect the people from corrupt officials, from injustices, to help PRRD in fulfilling his advocacies, just to name a few. The road he chose is the road less travelled yet with God’s guidance he knows it will always be the right one. I am grateful to you also for being proud of working for him instead of being ashamed, for protecting him, and for telling people what he has done for the Country and people.

  11. I have seen him change from a far. But people still criticise him. I knew he will be a good servant as he experienced poverty and he know how everyone feels when there are no food on the table, athlete experiences etc..Manny have seen and experienced everything a normal Filipino life. He has many money and he does not need to take government funds. He is not greedy.

  12. Proudly voted for him because of one (1) sound bite I heard weeks before the 2016 election. In an interview he said: “Marami nang matatalino at magagaling sa senado, pero konti lang ang may Takot sa Diyos”.

    I could’ve been wrong about him, that may just have been a mere sound bite, but in a senate full of power hungry and self interested individuals, he was my best bet for a cleaner Philippines.

  13. That’s the power of God! He made all things possible in His time! With his pure heart and determination to serve our countrymen nobody knows , no one can tell , Manny will be our future best President ever! Kudos to you Miss Kim Laurente ! You’re the most blessed employee so far!

  14. That’s the power of God! He made all things possible in His time! With his pure heart and determination to serve our countrymen nobody knows , no one can tell , Manny will be our future best President ever! Kudos to you Miss Kim Laurente ! You’re the most blessed employee so far!

  15. So true indeed! I always get bashed whenever I post issues involving SMP , but what the heck, I believe in him and his noble mission and incorruptability. We need more of his kind who without funfare do what he is supposed to do .

  16. i am moved by this article. and yes, i realized that we don’t need a boss who gives us much salary if he is a D*ckHead. a boss with principles,integrity, dignity and honesty. a gret boss to work with

  17. am just wondering where are you located 🙂 SMP is a wonderful person i am sure.

    i can’t seem to find a place where 2% of the population will be like karen davila, and you seem to be interacting with people mostly karenIZED.

    anyway, sabi nga nila, kapag mahina ang TAO, they will try to pin whomever surpassed them.

  18. He is a man of God. He is destined to be in his position now. God put him there and no one can take him out. His wisdom overpower those who called themselves intelligent. God is with him and no one can stand against him. God bless you both!

  19. I would take a non-college graduate senator with the people’s interest in his heart anytime over a scheming and corrupt one with all the college, master and doctorate degrees in the world.

    A worthwhile read to see beyond the surface of the boxer-senator who has been maligned, ridiculed and belittled because of his humble beginnings, spotted past and (temporary) lack of a college diploma.

  20. Very well said… I admire you for being courageous in writing this and being loyal to your boss. Konti na lang ang ganyan. Padayon!

  21. it’s upsetting to see intellectual elites, who are supposed to know better since they are educated and free-thinking citizens, look down on SMP because he apparently doesn’t have a degree and only knows boxing and nothing else. If you think of it, SMP has had more beneficial laws drafted and passed.
    And besides, which one would you choose, the one who honestly accepts that he doesn’t have a degree yet, or the one who blatantly lies about their degree?

  22. Go to GENSAN and ALABEL, SARANGANI and listen to what most people say about SMP , what has he done for the province. The kindness of a person is best proven by others. He is a man who live by his words. We need more like SMP in the government.

  23. My heart always cries out whenever the humble underdogs are ridiculed but it doesn’t waver that there is hope and that tables will eventually turn

  24. What is brains if used for evil? I would rather go for man with integrity and who would do everything in his power and authority to defend, protect and love the people he serves. Long live, Manny Pacquiao! Thank you, Kim, for this very enlightening article. Blessings to all of you.

  25. I will forever be indebted to you for making me aware of who the real Sen. Emmanuel Pacuiao is…

    I wish to extend my most sincere apology to SMP through you, and will pray that his light may continue to shine not only in the confines of the halls of the Senate but throughout the whole archipelago as well.

    May God continue to bless that man eternally.

  26. Kaya pala successful si SMP sa Senado, kase meron palang katulad mo na sumusuporta sa kanya. Na-touch ako dahil sa support na ipinakita mo sa boss mo, Ma’am. I hope that God will bless you more sa iyong work and endeavor sa life. May God continue to bless you, SMP and rest of your team. God bless Philippines.


  27. He seeked God’s righteousness and kingdom firsthand, found it, and allowed himself to be used by the King…. We have a lot to learn from him- this is very difficult to accept for most of us who refuse to be humbled and hide our pride and denial behind masks of cynicism… I hope it is not long till we all find and live the same truth that SMP found…

  28. I admire this man of God. He will be protected as long as he honors God. I will vote and support him in whatever position he might be running. Thank you for sharing this

  29. I will be forever grateful for having SMP in the Senate 🙂 He has a significant role to perform and I firmly believe God meant his leadership for the good of the Filipino people. I thank u as well for rising up to the challenge of his top critics. No one can do it better than u 🙂

  30. I will be forever grateful for having SMP in the Senate 🙂 He has a significant role to perform and I firmly believe God meant his leadership for the good of the Filipino people. I thank u as well for rising up to the challenge of his top critics. No one can do it better than u 🙂 God bless u and SMP always 🙂

  31. To be honest I am one those who judged him when he ran as senator. I thought that he will just be easily manipulated by the trapos lurking around him esp. during his fights. But he proved me wrong. I came to admire him bec he is the type who has integrity. He wouldn’t mind being alone to stand for what he believes in. I admired him for his humility and continuing to learn. He may not be the most eloquent and has sky high education like the others, but his intentions were pure. I wish him and the rest of his staff the best. We are all behind you. God speed!

    1. God is greatly to be praised, in His Divine Intervention in SMP life. SMP trully followed 1Corinthians 5:17..if anyone be in Christ, he is a new creature old things have passed away, behold,all things become new..your choice to defend your boss is really inspiring, continue in that way.. My family & I, rest of my friends&fellow believers do support 🇵🇭SMP even in our prayers. God bless you&ur family, SMP. 🙏👏😇

  32. Very good presentation Kim.
    I want to share with a portion of my FB post after the fight with Broner,

    “I was thinking that Manny Paquiao, at 40, still attracts excitement and drama every time he is on the ring. He is very coachable. He is the epitome of individuals, who, even in their greatness, popularity and superiority, still needs other people to hone, guide and level-up their thoughts, words and deeds.”

    Your blog reinforces my strong belief on why Manny a world champion, and you are one of best coaches he has to be a very good public servant.

    If you may, here is the link of my post…

    Thank you, your article says it all.


  33. This made me shed tears of joy. Thanks kim for this brave and honest article about SMP. I support him because Manny is a man of God…and that alone is more than enough.

  34. What a very inspiring article. I will share this to 1000+ friends. Unfortunately, we can’t please everyone especially those who don’t see a person beyond his flaws. Stand tall, miss. People you know who persecute him don’t realize that you’re a very lucky person to have a boss like SMP. I voted for him, he made me proud.

  35. The one who guards a fig tree will eat its fruit, and whoever protects their master will be honored.
    Proverbs 27:18 NIV
    Reminded of this Bible passage when reading your article. God bless you

  36. True, at first i thought he would do a disservice to the people when he wanted to be senator. But he has proven otherwise, and what a pleasant surprise! Will continue to support him in govt. I just hope he will not be eaten by the corrupt system! Bravo SMP!

  37. Very well said…

    His life, his behavior privately and publicly, his love for God, his love for his family, his love for his country and the Filipino people say a lot about him.

    You are such a blessed person Kim, for having the opportunity to serve a godly boss–very rare nowadays. And SMP is blessed already for he has discipled you already by his witness, and you are also a changed person through his life.

    God bless you all warriors of the Most High God. Bless you all as you continue to serve with humility. 🙂

  38. I am glad you are part of SMP team. Dedicated and understands the true character of the man you serve. I am an UBER driver before, one time I have a passenger who works in a casino, SMP used to gamble a lot. But when he come to know God. And when he receives Jesus as his Lord and saviour SMP suddenly changed until now. GOOD JOB to both of you.

  39. I first had thoughts that he would not be a good senator based on what the media has portrayed him as a congressman. Being from Mindanao, and having family who live near his home, I was constantly hearing tales of his vices and I had the impression that he only did his charity work for tax deduction. But the man has proven many times that he has been transformed for good. His obvious hunger for wisdom and constant search for ways he could selflessly make people’s life better has demonstrated that he has reached a different stage of maturity in faith and as a human. To me, he has become a family man, a philanthropist, a public servant and an athlete- in that order.
    Everyone knows that he is one of the public servants who only is in his position for the purpose of serving and does not have personal interests in public funds.
    The effects of the man’s political actions will ripple through the lives of millions and you play a major part in his decisions. Thank you for your service.

  40. I praise God for people like you Kim and SMP. Thank you for standing up for God’s glory. I pray that God will continue to give you strength and wisdom to face the battle. God bless you more.

  41. I felt the same before. Enraged by his LGBTQ stance, his seeming inadequacy for the position and anong other things. I feel disgusted by people who have voted for him and thought that I will not vote for this man for a hundred years. But his recent actions with the hoolabaloo with Karen Davila has changed my perspective of the Senator. Plus the things you have mentioned here have solidified my resolve for supporting and voting him in his future endeavours. Thank you for sharing this and hopefully you and other people working be able to protect him as well.

  42. Kim, I’m grateful that another person of integrity is in the open – you. About SMP, I had no doubt about it. I was just wondering how are the people around him, now no more. Thank you. For the Pilipinos, become a senator too.

  43. James 3 : 13
    Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.
    I haven’t witnessed a public servant who starts talking without proclaiming God and ends in God as well. I know him as a famous boxer only but thank you Kim for sharing your thoughts about the man behind the ring, he is indeed a good fighter “in” and “out” of it. I think our country deserves a servant like him.. Shine your light sen. SMP and let it reach us the OFW’s as well. You got my vote here. 👍🏼

  44. God bless you, SMP and the whole staff, our God definitely uses the perceived lesser by others to lift His name. Filipinos need more others like him in all the branches of the government.

  45. God speed SMP you are really the chosen 1, a man of God. All the man of God who was chosen was not righteous but God has chosen them to show His glory like what He did to SMP. Gods promises is with SMP. God will continue to protect him in all his ways and fight. Gods Speed Senator and the Filipino people needs someone like you a God fearing man! Thanks miss Kim indeed you are a great employee as yiu have an amazing boss.God bless you and SMP and the whole staff

  46. Thank you for standing up for him. I’ve seen how he was maligned by the “elite” and the “educated”, and it was really unfair and below-the-belt. When he ran for Senate, I had to explain to my friends why I’m rooting for him. They couldn’t believe I’m giving him my vote. But I’d rather put a humble man of God in the Senate -knowing God will sustain, hold, direct and use him- than an “educated” man whose self-interest comes first than his duty to God and to the people.

  47. Thank you for your article! To be candid, I always admire your boss, Sen Manny Pacquiao, as a boxing champion; yet I was doubting his capacity abd sincerity as a government official. Your article was highly enlightening and I now look up to your boss with more respect and admiration. May he continue to serve the public with utmost dedication and honesty for it is a rarity to find an elected public official with a heart of gold.

  48. Tears fall😢 even long before i trully admire this man so humble despite all criticism he encounter I salute u Sir Manny!!! God bless u

  49. he has no plan to be a LEADER for our country but if our kababayan and the will with blessing from GOD nothing is impossible .we support you senator

  50. “sa mga kapwa kong natumba ngunit nakabangon” this is the most memorable line for me from SMP’s speech during our graduation @ msugensan. We cheer in every line of his speech. I went home happy and inspired. Everywhere I go in the country, people are always happy to hear that I am from GenSan because of him. For me, it is not because of his achievements but the Glory of God that shines through him..

  51. Good day! I just want to ask po if SMP offers scholarship for med students? Thank you and God bless you.

  52. For the future of the Philippines, We need to have more Senators like him and assistants like you!
    Be strong for the people. Will be praying for you.

  53. I admire Sir Manny not only because he is a renowed boxing champs but how he always dealt to the issue of our country. Surely he have a pure heart for the nation. I just hope that he can also include some ammendments or new law for the person with disabilities most specially the children who suffered in Autism or disorders and to all the single parents who raised a child or children alone.

  54. Very well said Kim Laurente ! Keep that faith that is in you. I support SMP in every way because he is trully a man of God. God bless both of you.

  55. HONOR, INTEGRITY such words being taught on our home, school, church and whatever organization/institution we belong, but only few have it, without self discipline those words are nothing. SMP is the epitome of discipline he has proven it not only on the four corners of boxing ring but on his entire life my snappy salute to SMP he deserve nothing but RESPECT…

  56. Reading your article make me conclude that your heart is the same as MP and that it’s no coincidence why you work for him now. I know the man and just like you has been defending him. But now it’s safe to say that the Lord has and will always protect him. Good will always conquer evil. More power to you Kim and more years in the Senate MP and wherever the Lord leads you.

  57. People must not be just by the past,
    everyone of us has it’s flaws, but I believe once a person was change by Jesus, & put his/her faith to Him, He will be used by God mightily because God is alive, He will definitely work to someone’s life.. <3

  58. Thank you for depending the Good Hon. Senator. Indeed He is the real model of a true leader with passion and compassion for all Filipinos. not just other people pretending to be.

  59. SMP has the right strategy. Hire and Sorround yourself with persons who are more knowledgeable, intelligent – and articulate. But the direction and decision still resides in him – guided by his pure heart, integrity and most of all his fear and love of God.
    Intelligence you can get from outside, integrity is from inside.
    We need more officials like SMP in the government.

    1. Agree with you Paul. Yes SMP lack in terms of educational attainment vs. All other politicians there who are very knowledgable… Yung mga magna cum laude na politician, sila rin may lakas ng loob magnakaw.. napakayaman siguro ng pilipinas kung ang mga nakaupo e yung may totoong takot sa diyos. I will still choose SMP to protect our nations money.. kesa sa mga over qualified candidates, who are over magnanakaw rin.. May god bless you more SMP and his staffs.. Parang ang sarap tuloy maging staff niya.. yung nagwowork ka guided by the word of god.. 😊😊😊

  60. Manny Pacquiao has a world-class EQ as reflected by his reaction to bashers of Karen Davila because of that recent interview. I have more respect for him than some UP professors with PhDs.

  61. I believe in Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s dedication to serve the needy. He has been called by the Most High Father, Awb YHWH/YHUH [YaHuWaH/YaHUaH] to be used in this particular time of the end. I just hope and pray that in his search for Truth and his choice of living righteously, he could be able to see and understand more of what’s really behind this veil of blindness. I am always praying for Awb Yah’s protection and guidance for him and his loved ones. Praise Yah for kind and generous heart! Shalom.

  62. I was one of the Doubting Thomases at first, but slowly became an admirer due to his faith and fair judgement. I just hope God continues to give SMP the wisdom to do what is right in spite of all the evil associated with politics. It also helps that he is surrounded by well-meaning and very capable staff.

  63. I voted this man long ago not because he is a world champion. But because i can see good things inside his heart. This man even if he wanted to serve more than just a senator (probably president or vice president in the future) i will still vote for him. I firmly believe that skills and intelligence can always be learn but having a good heart willing to serve our kababayan without hidden agenda is something that many politician dont have. Everyone loves manny, every filipinos are proud of him. Kahit pa kaaway at critiko nya sa politika, they just cant express how they like and love him because of different point of views . Pero naniniwala ako one day magkakaisa din tayo. ☺ Like i said kahit anong position ang labanan nya sa politika just to serve our country. I WILL STILL VOTE FOR HIM!!!

  64. A man of God surrounded by people who are after God’s own heart as well. Hmmn, Now we’re talking about good leadership.
    Can’t help but agree to the previous comment. If I am to choose among the 12 senators I’ll pick SMP 13 times 😉
    Just sayin.


  65. I dont know why I always had this strange feeling of closeness with SMP and his family despite the fact we didnt get a chance of knowing each other except his brother Ruel when the latter got me to be one of the sponsors of his daughter’s baptism sometime in 2011. Disregarding the bash and criticism about him specially when he ran as senator and eventually held an office when he won the election, I always had that happy and awesome feeling listening to him being interviewed in national tv . Strangely, I saw his wit and somehow hidden intelligence that people tend not to notice. I openly shared about that perception of him to my friends and family of how seemingly bright and smart Sen. Manny Pacquiao is for me. His boxing skill skill alone shows it. He just didnt have that privilege to be sent to big schools and universities in his early years of existence. However, he didnt take it as a hindrance to live out his passion and pursue his dreams. He is very enthusiastic and hardworking and was never tired. He is a true epitome of a man doing his best for everything. Now, he is doing it more with a deeper purpose since he started to give back everything for the honor and glory of God. I couldn’t ask any one more in the public service holding a government office than a Manny Pacquiao. Mabuhay ka SMP! God bless you and your family. Looking forward to meet you personally or maybe to be working with you one of these days if God permits.

    Thank you Kim Laurente for this article. I believe God uses you an an instrument to uphold His righteous and chosen servant SMP. Kudos and more power!

  66. Thanks for sharing this Kim. Unfortunately there are still lots of “educated” people out there with closed minds and selfish interests which is why this country is still in the dumps. Just do what is needed despite of what everything says. May God be with you.

  67. I remember Manny’s hayop remark and the outrage it sparked, however I understood it in context of his beliefs and how he said it. I got heat from friends angry that I would defend the remark. I told them while I believe there is a logical flaw in it (as animals do indeed show homosexual behavior), and while I believe that secular marriage should be free for all orientations (though not in religious places that are against such marriages- that’s their religious freedom), Manny had no intent in saying something bad in terms of the way people wanted to twist it. And since then, those who hated that remark use it to justify a hateful attitude towards him, overlooking his kindheartedness. I wish people could get over small minded judgement and the toxicity of call out culture, so that they can affirm the humanness even in those they consider their own ideological enemies.

    1. I admire SMP boldness and courage regarding LGBTQ, a stand many would shun to avoid offending others. But the truth will indeed hurt but will set you free. I too was skeptical about him being in the senate because of his lack of education . God indeed uses the ‘foolish’ to confound the mighty . Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with SMP. God bless you , God bless our country !

  68. I voted for MP and I’m proud to say it! I’ve always seen him to be a man of God! He is like David, a man after God’s own heart! Love you Sen. Manny! You are truly a blessing to the Filipinos! And thank you too Kim, for choosing to work for him! 💙

  69. Indeed SMP though lack the education some people think he is.. Is more qualified to be a senator than those who had a degree… He has a pure heart that is needed in serving the people.. For what could possibly be the motive and the result of your deeds as a Senator? If you are motivated by greed and only look for the amount of money you could have as Senator… I still pick Senator Manny over a Harvard graduate that has crook intentions.

  70. Knowledge puff up. Wisdom from God and integrity is better than all the knowledge that promotes self interest and corruption. Manny is more honorable than all those so called big head professors, corrupt officials people integrity.

  71. Very well said, thankful i was able to come across this article.

    our God is able to do all things, nothing is impossible for Him.

    more power to SMP and his team.

  72. Thank you for your article! You are the right person to write this because you’ve worked closely with him for the last 3 years. I’m glad your eyes are opened and your heart enlightened.
    Thank you for making us know him more through you.

  73. Very well said good job SMP you are inspiration to many Christian out there. We are praying on you Sir and thank you for the Bible month really a big in pack in our Church. Salute…. Salute… On you SMP
    And thank you Ms. Kim for sharing your story.

  74. I voted for you and I am proud of that! A man of integrity and who has a heart to serve the people while fearing the Lord as he does his service to the public.
    Di mangurakot kay nagsobra sobra ang kwarta ug naay kahadlok sa Ginoo. Mao pay mohatag!
    Salute to you, Honorable Senator!
    Thank you, Ms. Laurente for standing for your Boss!!!

  75. The Lord sees his heart…the anointing matters after all, the ability, skills and wisdom – they all belong to God…SMP is a testament of how God loves to usher in revival and transformation to our beloved country…Praise God for people like SMP and you in the government!

    Cheers and prayers from someone who is also working for the Philippine government 😉

  76. I’m with you in spirit, Kim. I admire that you remained to your principles and chose what is right despite the persecution of people who mocks Sen Pacquiao. Do not conform to this world for they are fools in the eyes of God.

  77. Stick with him. He is a good man and a strong witness for Christ. God has anointed the man. As God blesses him you will share his. Reynald Talosig

  78. God calls the unqualified to be qualified to whatever positions or vocations He may placed us, because after all it is always Gods glory will always prevail

  79. Amazing. Thank God for your boss, who the world despises. And yet, everytime they try to stomp him, by God’s grace he is sustained. May God bless this man whom He had put to serve Him and the people of our country. God bless you mam, I’m touched with how passionate you are to the work the Lord had entrusted you with. May you continue to support this senator who continuously desires to glorify the God of heaven through the legislative branch.

  80. What is the point of earning a degree like most of the traditional politicians. Walk the talk instead of “talk and steal” from the taxes that we all pay.
    We will never attain progress if we vote same names with same DNA. GOD Bless to our country

  81. Those who criticize SMP should be well aware how he made into good use his PDAF when he was a House Rep. If they happen to go to Sarangani Province, they will see the hospitals he built for his constiuents. Roads were paved making travel easier and accessible. Indeed, you should not judge a book by its cover.

  82. I was reading all the comments, and I really find these people annoying who likes to comment negatively and there was so much arrogance in them. As if they have done something good for the people of the Philippines. As far I as can see and hear, PHILIPPINES is far better now from the previous administrations. We need SMP and the like of him. More power to him and all his constituents!! Mabuhay kayo!!

  83. As an atheist myself, I root for SMP for a senate position not because he is Godly or a changed man but because of his love to serve his fellow human beings.

  84. I too miss judge the senator but now of how God have moved him and change his life, I am more than a fan, I am his brother in the Lord. All praise to God. I pray that many more influential people who will turn back to God and allow God to use them for His greater glory and purpose. Like for instance, Vice Ganda and even Boy Abunda. They can have a powerful testimony when they will turn to God in full submission. I always wanted to be someone popular or equivalent because I wanted to become an inspiration and and blessing to others with my story. That is exactly what the Senator is right now. God bless you Miss Kim. I pray that many more influential people who will be truly change by God. Allowing God to use them for His greater glory and honor. God bless us all and let us allow God to use us for His glory and purpose.

  85. Such a good read! Thanks Kim.

    Manny is a legend in every way. I am proud of all his endeavors and much more touched by how he made his spirituality a pillar for his government service.

    I pray for his continuous success and I wish the best for the Philippines and for our people. More power to SMP and to all those supporting him.

    Knowledge and intelligence should never be defined by how well politicians run their mouths during debates or interrogations.

    You have more substance, Manny. Keep your feet grounded by God, yet, stay ambitious for your fellowmen.

  86. You boss is God’s sent, may his tribe increase and may God continue to inspire him to serve us the in God’s way…Long live Manny!!!

  87. During my doctorate studied at PLM, I dreamt of working with Sen. Manny. Of course, reactions are inevitable.
    Now, that I have retired in the government service, I thought of sharing with the Senator what I have learnt in public management and or governance.
    Now, while in a short vacation in South Korea, it has encouraged me to write the Senator and maybe post it to his office when I return home.

    I just want to work with him (pro bono) .’Why? I can feel his truthfulness to serve the Filipino people. Also he has no arrogance.
    God bless.

  88. Please note that the Bible Month law has an impact. It has greatly helped & assisted a bible believing Christian like me and my church community. We have more confidence/liberty to share and preach the bible and the gospel in public also private places especially during January. We were the ones preaching the bible during the Nazareno parade. Thank you SMP! May the Lord continually protect & bless you!

  89. Kudos to your boss. Blessings of continued power and righteousness for him as he serves with integrity. He is one of the best, he beats those who are educated pero corrupt naman, kaya walang silbi ang edukasyon nila. Sana dumami pa ang gaya niya para matanggal na ang blatant corruption sa Pilipinas, in Jesus’ Name amen.

  90. “Sometimes the problem is not IQ, it is insight. We just didn’t get it.” I salute SMP most of all for standing in his convictions for the glory of God. And what a noted response in the recent debate, the senator did not take an offense and doesn’t take on his rights. Isn’t that a true mark of a leader? He can admit his weaknesses for he knows it will not diminish his effectiveness. Praising God for people like him, God keeps having him too a grasp of the reality by not being intoxicated by his success. Success is an intoxicant, we all know that but he keeps his feet on the ground. Just keep going SMP, mas marami pang attacks but we know Who is your shield! God bless you and Ms. Kim a thousand folds!

  91. This is a nice read😊. I voted for him although I was in doubt too of what he can do but as I see how good his heart is for the people, I am just glad that my vote is not wasted. SMP is just lucky to have a strong support system for his advocasies. God bless you team SMP. Thank you for sharing this😊

  92. Ms. Kim, thank you for sharing this to us. Since you are associated to Sen. Manny, and I believe you are a baptized Christian (if not, kindly do so), take heart cause according to the Bible you will experience sufferings sometimes being publicly exposed to reproach and affliction, and sometimes being partners with those so treated.
    We need more God fearing leaders who do not compromise his virtues, not someone who publicly denounce Christ. At the end of the day judgement will come… God bless!

  93. I cannot thank God enough for using & putting people in the most strategic places for his most glory. God equips people he choses to serve him no matter how others perceive SMP to be uneducated it is God who gives him the knowledge, understanding most of all wisdom to do what God calls him to do. I àm thankful that God puts underpriviledged people to high positions to shame the wise. I always pray that Gid will put more ordinary but God fearing men & women in all government offices not only to serve our countrymen but to be influencers to others who doesn’t believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that God puts God fearing men & women in the cabinet & may they become a godly influence to our President. As the Bible says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” I am committed to pray for our President that he too like SMP will come to know Jesus Christ as his personal savior & Lord. I also commit to pray for SMP & you Ms. Kim and the rest of the staff to continue being the salt & light of the Philippines & to the whole world. Stand firm & hold your ground for God will be the one to sustain you. Know Christ & make him known. God bless SMP & all his staff!

  94. Dear Kim,

    As a Christian, this should not surprise us. If SMP is walking according to God’s will, the world will surely hate him including his supporters.

    John 15:19 KJV
    [19] If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

    Everyone might not see the impact of passing the bible month bill, but in a spiritual aspect, i want you to know that this bill has led MANY OPEN DOORS to the gospel in schools and private communities. It even opened regular BIBLE STUDIES in my workplace and in our own townhouse! Ofcourse this wont be appealing to all but the impact of propagating God’s words thru this is really great. I made a bible study about “the Influence of the Bible in the society” which normally gives me an opportunity to share the Gospel and start a bible study. If you research how America started and how they became a great and powerful nation, you’ll find out that it is because they STARTED WITH God’s words. If you need more info, you have my email 🙂 God bless you and please keep supporting your boss for us. They are of rare species 😉

  95. Very well said. Be proud of your boss’ conviction and faith. Only few politicians are like him. Also thank you for standing on what is right and true. Keep it up mam! Serve on serve well 🙂

  96. I’ve been waiting for people like you to xome in the open to stand and defend Sen. Manny as he has no, cannot, will not do it for himself as he allows people to malign him. THANKS AND I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT HIM.

  97. There are millions who didn’t vote for your boss SMP, so expect millions of sorts of bad things from them everyday. But do not forget that millions voted for him also. We are just here, safe, seated and watching and commenting on posts sometimes. God bless.

  98. Ang hirap kc sa ating mga filipino, binabase natin ang ugali at itsura ng tao sa mukha, sa mga material, kung sa maganda at bigatin na school cya nakapagtapos. Nakakalimutan natin minsan tignan yung puso nya. Kung gaano cya kabait sa pamilya at sa mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. May mga tao din na makapag judge wagas! Ang tanong alam ba nila ang totoo? Isa din tong mga media, oo may freedom kayo! Pero sana alamin nyong mabuti kung totoo o tama ba mga sinasabi nyo. Kc may mga tangang tao din na naniniwala kaagad sa mga sinasabi nyo. Isa lang naman dapat nating gawin bilang isang tao, gumawa ng mabuti sa sarili mo at sa kapwa mo, huwag manlamang ng kapwa mo.

  99. Lets pray that the continue to be Steadfast with his faith and goodness. He is lucky to have a dedicated stuff like you. ❤

  100. Continue the good fight. The battle has already been won. GOD’s delight is measured on the faithfulness of those who call upon HIS Name through YESHUA, Christ Jesus. GOD bless you, Brother Manny and all your love one…and HIS saving grace for those HE draws in your paths.

  101. I never voted for degree. I always look what’s inside the heart. SMP is a man of principles. And i’ve proven that since the LGBT issue. He is more sensible person than any other degree holder legislators.

  102. You changed my stance regarding MP. I was, just before reading your blog, opposed to him being a legislator. I admire him as a person and how he changed a lot, but still, was opposed to him on senate. That is until I read your blog. I didn’t vote for him the last time, but I will this time.

    I’m a pastor and I never endorse anyone on the pulpit, until earlier, after reading your blog, I actually endorsed MP to my Church.

    Also, be reminded that people like you, who are part of his staff, that is helping him to be the man he is now. People like you who kept supporting him despite every mud that was thrown his way. I’m glad MP is surrounded by men and women who also love God.

    God bless!

  103. Even before I had the chance of reading your post, SMP, for me, will always be a God given gift to the Filipino People, his wits and passion to uplift the Filipino pride is just a small percentage compare to how he has displayed God’s power to Change us. Infact, This nation needs more SMP in power… someone who is not only ready to serve but more – to protect the Filipino people.

  104. Para sa inyo ito….
    Yung sa tingin nila mas magagaling at mas mahuhusay sila kay Sen.Pacquiao!
    Sa mga disente at mas mataas na pinag-aralan kesa kay SMP!

    ….. Simula ngayon, hindi na kita tatawaging Pacquiao lang because you deserve to be addresed as SENATOR MANNY PACQUIAO!

  105. This is something that past politicians don’t have. People who purely believed in them. Not affected with money, bribes or benefits. People who support them since they saw something pure.

  106. Say whatever they want. Sinner Manny Pacquiao was saved. The way we talk and our education does not make us a good servant but our hearts do. Only MP knows who MP is. Go Manny!

  107. Kim, very well composed. One brave girl standing amids the judgemental eyes of the public who know little to nothing of the facts. This may or may not be related to campaigning for your boss but this I conclude to your above article. You were able to genuinely create this for I believe he has treated you right. Sen. Manny was able to get your respect and loyalty thus he might have done something really good to inspire you to write this. I know him as a man of God and you confirming this makes me believe that my perception maybe or are correct. He gets to have my vote Again this time. Thank you.

  108. Sen.Manny Pacquaio is one in a million.dami sya natutulungan.napakahumble din sya.kahit pinapahiya na sya cool pa rin sya.ipinakikita lang nya na he lives what he preach.

  109. We need more godly men and women in the senate and in other Phil govt institutions. They add flavor to the present decomposing morality among govt officials who has the nerve to run again despite being proven beyond reasonable doubt by the common tao as guilty as charge. After amazing millions and millions of pesos… they came out clean as pronounced by the court after receiving an under-the-table legal fees. SENATOR MANNY PAQUIAO INCREASE YOUR TRIBE WITHIN THE PHIK GOVT. THAT SHOULD BE YOUR MAIN ADVOCACY AND MISSION.

  110. Most people in the upper class often, if not always, looks down to people in lower class as if they cannot redeem themselves from the slums. Sen. Pacquiao defied the odds and made himself a succeessful man. At first, I am amenable that all public officials especially those running for higher positions should have a degree before applying for candidacy but observing how those candidates running for higher positions behave, I would go for the person who has dignity, outstanding attitude, perseverance and willingness to learn. May God bless the senatorial candidates. May the deserving one wins 🙏🏻

  111. Ang sabi ng titser ko when I was in high school “maswerte raw ang mga taong ipinanganak na mahirap pero hindi raw dapat manatili ang isang tao sa kahirapan”. Ito rin marahil ang dahilan kung bakit naging matagumpay si SMP at sya ay naging isang mabuting senador ng ating bansa. For sure, marunong syang lumingon sa kanyang pinagmulan at di sya nakakalimot magpasalamat sa Diyos sa pamamagitan ng pagbabahagi ng mga biyayang tinatamasa nya ngayon sa kanyang kapwa. Sana’y patuloy syang maglingkod para sa ikauunlad ng ating bansang Pilipinas. Mabuhay po kayo!

  112. I voted for SMP last 2016 because i liked his humility. . .in it i saw his leadership potential. . .with your post, i admire him even more. . .

  113. In an interview with ‘Mareng Winnie’, SMP said his networth is 3B at that time.. I agree that he does not need to be in office to serve the people, just cause he can with all that money in the bank. But I also want to point out that Filipinos need to keep him in position, so just to have at least ONE Senator who will not take away money from you guys. At least One who will use his budget properly. And who knows, SMP might be the ONE who will act as a catalyst of change in the dirty, political world of the Ph. He might start with his seatmates in the senate. Never loose hope. Vote for Manny Pacquiao ALONE in your ballots. This way, you are making sure he will stride to the top.

  114. I never had the chance to see SMP in person. God knows how much me and my whole family wanted even to just get a glimpse of him. As far as myself and my family are concerned, he is our hero, a hero to us all Filipinos. Me and my family believe that he is a true person, one who speaks from the heart and one who has pure intentions in everything he does. Not only our country but the whole world needs more people like you and your boss. May the good Lord bless you both and all those you deal with in the performance of your duties and responsibilities.

  115. My pride for SMP for bringing glory to our country went poof when he spouted a careless commentary about the LGBT Community then preach about our God who said to never judge, and to always love. I almost believed that a person of spite is not fit to have a position in the senate. But then, he is one of the few human among seas of evil – I’d rather vote for this imperfect human who tries to be abide by the Lord’s teachings.

  116. When a man already experiences hardship in life, he experiences it all therefore you cannot say something bad about him in terms of money and challenges in life. Jesus Christ Experiences the hardship of Human life before having his glorified body. Isn’t He adored and worship of many Christians? Manny Pacquaio is leading and giving us an example on how to live as a good Christian. A good family man. A good professional athletes. Living a good life that are aligned with the teaching of the Lord for the benefits of Mind and Body.

  117. I’d probably vote for MP too, but come the new bill ( and if it does become a law) it will be a matter of qualification and not an issue of integrity/ honesty.

    I’m not sure if my analogy is accurate but just as ordinary gov’t employees need to have a civil service eligibility to have a secured tenure and to be able to be serve in public offices, the least that we should ask from our elected officials, high ranking at that must be a college diploma. I humbly believe that’s fair enough.

    And if I may humbly suggest so, Sen MP should start working on that diploma. I believe he has already started as he has told Karen Davila.

    He acquiring that diploma, will earn him my respect even more and probably most other people as well. Imagine: a true blue, honest to goodness champion of the masses who rose to the ranks by his own sweat and blood both literally and figuratively; earned the admiration of the people; catapulted to the senate not only because of his popularity and the admiration of the people but because HE IS ALSO CAPABLE, HE HAS THE CREDENTIALS, HE IS QUALIFIED!

    I’m a Bisaya and naturally MP has my back. Because of that I don’t want him to appear like a puppet as he usually is portrayed. Come on let’s admit it, most Bisayas are portrayed “Inday” and “Dodong” in Manila. MP is just a different case because he’s rich but people still look at him the same behind coated words and actions. Thus, hard as it may be, Karen Davila’s insistence should be taken as a challenge. (Rise above what you think is an insult, be challenged, be inspired!)

    Someday, I’d also love to see a Manny Pacquiao who is his own man. Someone who is given respect not only because he has the millions and billions in the meantime but because, other than his inherent integrity, he is his own man, educated in both conventional and unconventional ways-both by the way of life and one by the book. By then, that would be his ace, advantage and probably a ticket to a higher position.

    So for now, go Sen. MP! I support you in your getting that college diploma! Make us proud even more!!!

  118. Still voting for SMP. Kadtong naka minus niya ky mga feeling bright lagi sila og bogo jud tawn kaayo ang tan-aw nila ni Sen. PacMan og naka question nganong naabot sya diha nga unsa ra man tawn ang grado niya.Dili na sa gradohay, wla lang sya kahuman og skwela tungod sa ilang naagiang kalisod sa una pero wala nagpasabot nga wala syay mahimo sa Senado, infact daghan na syag nahimo. Usa lang jud nakadaot sa iyang image ky tungod against sya sa LGBT pero kung mao lang nay basihan, aw tanang modagan mag PRO LGBT nalng para dakog chance maka daog. Though PRO LGBT, wala ra pud nausab akong tan-aw sa Senator ky iyaha man pud na beliefs, ang importante para nako as a voter ky mas tarong og sincere sya mo help kaysa ubang nidagan pagka Senador og daghan na kaayo syag natabangan. Go,fight, win Senator Manny!


    1. Ganahan kaau ko bsta bisaya ang comments makasabot kaau kos english ky nia kos Canada pero di ko kasugakod mocomments ug english oi parehas aning nanggimama dri kuyaw mn kaay sila vocabulary. Di makaya. Basta ako ug naa lng kos Pinas SMP gyod ko. Mao ra to ako tuyo. Maayong adlaw sa tanan!

  119. Yes your boss is a true Christian…. often mock by unbelievers. I admire him not only because he is a talented 8 time devision world boxing champ (gift from God) to be proud of…. but of his being a God fearing person with bible word of wisdom (again another gift from God) and a true christ like example. He might not be an impressive intellectual senator sa mga taong makamundo kung mag-isip pero para sa akin matalino sya sa salita ng Diyos and become a good senator debator cause he is now inspired by God.

  120. I used to be ashamed for voting for him, but only because my friends criticized me for it. But after I saw how he stood his ground during a senate debate, I was so proud of him. He may not be educated, but he has integrity. And after that, I started defending myself for voting for him and i would still vote for him. He’s not educated, but he was poor just like most of us. He knows what it felt to have nothing, to have no protection, to have no voice against the powerful.

  121. Truly it is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of God. No matter how much effort we exert in trying to be good, without God in us there will never be a true and lasting result. SMP is one true example of a man changed by God despite of seeming to have everything in life.

  122. I may not go into detailed questions..this post might ve the answer why slrf projects proposed by local governments, expected by local government were not funded for implementation. It is very touching that SMP is one of those we prayed for to have in the senate..a true public our President. we are so moved by their integrity,humility and vision for Filipino people..i am proud to have leaders like them..i am a typical employee from Mindanao..

  123. Kudos to you Kim for sharing. Your thoughts are really from your heart, rooted from your personal experiences with Sen Manny.
    I have nothing against degree holder politicians, but I’m tired seeing many of them, using their so called intellects in fooling the Filipino people.
    Millions of Filipinos deserve to be protected from selfish, corrupt, vengeful and greedy government leaders.
    We really need more of the likes of SMP. A true man of God, a true servant of the Filipino people and a true protector of our rights and morality.
    God bless you Kim and Sen Manny.
    Praying to see more SMP in our judiciary, jegislative & executive branches of goverment.

    1. Hi sir/ma’am, I never ever intended this post to be read by so many people. This is a personal blog. This is merely intended as an avenue to release my thoughts and defenses against those who prejudice me or my boss in circumstances where I am left defenseless or opt not to argue because I’m not confrontational.
      Well and good if it’s read by my intended audience. But just the same if not because again, these are just my musings put into writing in what I consider as my personal space.

      1. So sad many people are very judgmental . Are they talking about themselves? It my be a reflection of their true selves. Judge not lest you be judged. For God will use the same measure of judgment you use to judge others. “Be slow to speak and quick to listen , and slow to anger..”

    2. Are you sure? That she wants promotion? I guess you’re going to hell.

      And by the way, those professors who mocks MP? Have they in any way gave prestige to this nation? MP did many times.

  124. salute!
    but no matter the content of your message there will still be people who would definitely ruin it. but how come they opt to finish reading the while masterpiece then comment things.

  125. Glad to see that you were able to get past these prejudice against Manny. I have always liked Manny since he is the symbol of a person who works hard to get where is at. Literally fighting his way to a better life and he still continues this despite being in office which is a good break from the professional politician who just stays in power and doesn’t work a day while in office trying to earn a living like the rest of us. I had too my reservations when he first ran for the Senate but gave him the benefit of the doubt and voted for him. Have not been disappointed since he does try to represent in a genuine manner what he supports. I do hope that he manages to read thru some materials I sent thru his portal but I guess he has some other items on his plate which he thinks is needed now.

  126. Good job Miss Kim!!!…God bless your good heart….you’re very lucky to be working with the World Champ…as i’ve said…WORLD Champ…coz he’s not just a CHAMPION in boxing…he’s been the like the “REAL” meaning of PUBLIC SERVICE…He gave back whatever it is he can for the Filipino people…at sobrang swerte ng mga tao na nabiyayaan nya…im just hoping that these same people are the ones protecting him too…coz still…every hero needs a hero…
    Kudos to you Miss Kim!
    GOD bless you more!
    GOD bless your great Boss!
    GOD bless the Filipino people!!!

  127. Thank you for your wonderful testimony about SMP. It is very seldom to hear/read about first-hand experiences like this one. Very powerful and refreshing.

  128. Aanhin mo naman yung matalino at may malaking grado kung magnanakaw? Aanhin mo yung taong nakapagtapos sa mga tanyag na paaralan kung makapagnakaw ay mas masahol pa sa mga walang pinag-aralan. Hindi aangat ang Pilipinas kung talino at puro pansariling interes ang pinapairal. Magbasa ho kayo ng Bibliya! Tingnan ninyo at suriin ninyo ng maigi ang mga taong namuno sa bansang Israel noon! Naging tanyag at umangat ang buhay nila compare sa mga ibang bansa! Hindi imposibleng umangat ang ating bansa dahil mayroong tumatayong tao na may malaking pananampalataya sa Dios at MAY TAKOT SA DIOS! All things work Together for Good! Plano ng Dios na italaga at mailuklok sa Senado si SMP at kahit sino pa ang magtangkang pipigil doon ay ang Dios ang kanyang makakalaban! Itigil Mo at Niyo na ang pamumuna !! Hindi porket may pinag-aralan kayo parang basura naman at busabos ang pag-uugali ninyo !! God bless to all Filipinos ! Shalom to you Mam Kim, SMP and Family 🙌🏻

  129. I voted for him because i know,he is not corrupt and will never be tempted to corrupt not just because he is wealthy enough but because he fears the Lord. he has a genuine heart for the poor, he i think is the only politician who would truly understand how hard it is to have nothing and at the same time have everything but be able to remain humble….

  130. he was the only one i voted….and i never made a mistake…he is always a champion. Again and again, God had proven himself right, that attitude must come first when it comes to choosing leaders. praying for you always here in Laos, our hero. thanks kim for sharing this. God bless you.

  131. Keep up the good work👍
    I thank God for his life. I am just praying that Sen. Manny Pacquiao will stop his boxing career. Anyway he made millions of dollars during his time when in a way that God still give him the strength to fight. However being a Christian I would like him to think deeply, and bear in mind that boxing is enough for him to continually as a making machine of money. Think about that boxing is to glorify God? You did it, and makes millions, that’s enough. Put your money in a way that millions makes millions so that you can still stands for righteousness for helping people especially for the poor. Prayed. Amen.

  132. Amazing. Thanks for sharing. SMP and you, Ms. Kim, are amazing people. May the blessings from God, our Lord Jesus Christ, manifest in your life.

  133. Very well said…i was very hesitant on pacquiao too because of his past… howver after listening to a lot of hiring that he was at…he actually has a point everytime he speaks … continue what you are doing pacquiao and stay with guidance

      1. This is a very good article. Worth reading, should be pondered and followed.

        Christianity is for all, for the educated and non-educated as well, for the rich and poor, for politicians and non-politicians…. so on and so forth.

        Christianity is not how well we have earned our professional degree, even degrees in bible schools or earned our education. It is how well we lived our life through example.

        True Christianity does not stop by accepting our Lord Jesus Christ in our hearts. But goes on by living a life with Godly principle, living out God’s word must be seen in our daily lives. Motivated by our love for God and compassion for others.

        “Be not only hearers but be doers of the word of God… If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless…” as James 1:22-27 said.

        I praise God for Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s life. He live and stand to be a good Christian by example.

        Salamat ng marami for this very inspiring article Kim Laurente

  134. Like the rest of your friends and Professors, I, too, am skeptical of him and even scared that I know he will continue to rise in the Philippine office. I am a Professor of the Graduate of Public Health Department in one of the Christian Universities in the country. If what you say is true, I would like to see for myself. May I request for an audience with him and perhaps his staff, for a field study of my MPH and DrPH students? Perhaps somewhere in June or July time-frame? This will be part of their course ‘Administrative Practices in Human and Social Development.’ What better way to dislodge the myths than to see him and talk to him on issues that matter most to us: the betterment of the Filipino people. If you could make this happen, I would be grateful; and who knows, right?

  135. Praise God for His mighty work in you and Sen. Manny Pacquiao! Thank you for posting this. I have learned a little more about how he is in senate. I have been a supporter of SMP since he ran for govt office solely because he is a man of God. I believe that God is faithful in SMP’s life. SMP and you, his staff, will not be shaken. Continue to be steadfast in the Lord. Praying for you and for this nation.

  136. i hear you.. ^_^ i guess you judged too early.. ^_^ it’s funny how you judged him.. ^_^ like ms Kim said, SMP is not a reelectionist.. ^_^ your accusations must be to your own tendencies.. ^_^ think.. sorry for you.. ^_^


  137. I know the person, who really has a personal relationship with God. And because I am a Fil-Am, allow me to say that SMP is real than Trump.

  138. I’d rather have someone like Sen. Manny having a Senate seat than those corrupt over qualified multiple degree holders.

  139. Manny Pacquiao is a great champion. And a Filipino icon. I wish he would use his influence to bring sanity and compassion to the government’s drug war — get rid of drugs, round up the drug lords, but spare the lives of the urban and rural poor.

  140. Admiring the hard work you put into your website and detailed information you present. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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