Siargao in 1 Day!

Jayvee and I had barely 3 days to explore Siargao. But due to the low-pressure area during our trip, we were compelled to roam around the island only within one whole day.

Our Siargao bucket list:

1. Surf at Cloud 9

2. Magpupungko Rock Pools

3. Sugba Lagoon

4. Tri-island hopping (Daku island, Naked Island, Guyam Island)

5. Swing at Bent Palm Tree in Maasin

6. Check our Coconut forest along the highway

7. Food trip!

We stayed at Hanigad Homestay Siargao, which is just few meters away from the famous Shaka restaurant by the shore – they serve yummy healthy bowls and fresh fruit shakes!, and which is just across the Cloud 9 boardwalk!

DAY 1:

I arrived ahead of Jayvee (8am) and just waited for him until past 2pm. We spent the rest of the afternoon at Cloud 9, playing our drone, people watch, chill at Shaka, checked out the boardwalk, and explored the shoreline.

We headed in General Luna for dinner. Alexis, a childhood friend who happens to manage a French hotel in Siargao, the only hotel which offers scuba and free diving in the island, recommended Pizza Altrove as an alternative for the always jam-packed Kermit restaurant. It didn’t disappoint!

DAY 2:

We jumped in the boat by 7am at a local port for the tri-island. We rented it for P1,500. Note that there is also an environmental fee at the port (I forgot how much it was exactly but definitely below a hundred pesos).

Our first stop was at Naked Island, then at Daku Island, and to Guyam Island. We only spent barely 30 minutes on each island because it was raining. NOTE again that there is also an environmental fee at Guyam Island. I think it was just Php20 per person.

By 8:30am, we were back to the local port and headed straight to Maasin with our motorbike.

We made a quick stop on a highway overlooking the picturesque coconut forest.

By 9:30am, we were already in Maasin river, hanging like monkeys in the famous bent palm tree. It was the highlight of our trip! It reminded me so much of my childhood that I tried it thrice. Mind that you must first climb the coconut tree in order to reach the rope used to swing above the river. So thrilling!!!

After such an adventure, we went to Magpupungko Rock Pools and arrived there just in time for the low tide (around 11am). To my dismay, not only it was drizzling but the populous crowd drained me so I didn’t enjoy this part. Nevertheless, it’s alluring waters is worth a dip!

We left the area by 1pm and drove going to the port for Sugba Lagoon. The boat trip took almost an hour. You have the option to either rent an entire boat or “joiners” as how they refer those who are willing to share boat rides with strangers, thereby reducing the amount of boat fare.

We had a good time kayaking, paddle boarding, and diving in the lagoon in our 2 hours stay in the there. We left at 4pm. By that time, there were only few people left. It must be the best time to visit to avoid the crowd and experience its serenity.

We arrived back at the port with the same boat at 5pm. Taking the highway, we got back in our homestay past 6pm. We had dinner at Bistro, Vivo Inn, which served a must-try burger! We transferred to Bravo Beach for drinks to cap off the night.


We were supposed to surf in the morning at Cloud 9, which was just across our homestay, but it was raining crazily that I opted to just head to the airport to catch my flight home.

So who says the highlights of Siargao cannot be visited in one day? Definitely not true.

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