48 Hours in Dubai

Dubai was the last leg of our 12-Day in 4 Countries trip.

Our first day was spent for adventures: flying on a sea plane in the morning, camel ride and thrilling 4×4 SUV sand dunes ride in the afternoon, and Arabian party in the evening.



The flight took off from the waters of Dubai Creek and flew over the landmarks of Dubai for 25 minutes.


We were able to see from above the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, the new Dubai Frame, among others.


We also observed a number of on-going constructions set to prepare for the Dubai Expo 2020. The Expo brings the world together to promote education, innovation, and cooperation.


The Dubai Frame serves as “the new face for Dubai,” and is created in lieu of Dubai 2020. Being built out of glass, it mirrors all the landmarks of Dubai, from old to modern Dubai.


Burj Khalifa can easily be seen from any part of Dubai. It is the world’s tallest building, towering at 2,772 feet.


Palm Jumeirah Island is an artificial archipelago which lies in the Persian Gulf  and houses hotels, restaurants, malls, and residences.


We got seawing’s platinum seat! Thanks Kuya Bok!


Burj Al Arab is the world’s first 7-star hotel and the third tallest hotel in the world. It stands on a reclaimed land and in the beachfront area known as Jumeirah Beach



We purchased our Dubai Desert Safari in a promotion at headout.com. It included dune-bashing in 4×4 SUV, brief camel ride, free drinks, buffet dinner, fire dance and freak show  cultural show. All from 4pm-10pm.


Warning! Upon arrival in the desert safari camp, a guy would put a turban or ‘shemagh scarf’ on your head “as a sign of welcome” but apparently it’s not for free! It costs 110 in pesos. SCAM! Haha. So better decline right away if you’re not interested just like what our Indians SUV-mates did. Hats off to them, they’ve done their research well!


First camel ride!

LRM_EXPORT_20180715_152205.jpgLRM_EXPORT_20180715_152406.jpgAfter basking from the desert, we spent the rest of the night in a desert safari camp, as shown below. Note that there are different camps in the area but the tour usually leaves you without choice as to which camp will you spend the rest of the ‘night’.


Sun’s still up when I took the photo above, It’s past 7pm!



With the hopes of seeing Dubai from the highest point of the city, we went to Burj Khalifa.


It turned out, however, that we needed to have a pre-booked entrance ticket going up! Unless we were good to pay much much more expensive entrance fee. So, never mind. We just roamed around Dubai Mall with Jayvee’s friends: Roselle, Aika, and Glenn. 🙂


And look! It’s a dinosaur! It was discovered in 2008 in Wyoming, USA in a sleeping position. How cute! Would you believe that almost 90% of its fossil bones remain to be original? Dubai Mall’s website says, “No comparable exhibit, with nearly all bones completing the skeleton, exists elsewhere. Yes, the dinosaur before you is as real as it gets and complete.” Awesome, isn’t it?


The mall also provides a portion for souks or Arab traditional markets.


The mall itself has its own aquarium! And it’s not just your ordinary aquarium as it has the largest collection of Sand Tiger sharks in the world!!!

After exploring Dubai Mall, my new friends (hihi) a.k.a. Jayvee’s friends toured us to The Dubai Frame. Getting inside is NOT for free! It costs 50 AED or around ₱700. 


We then went home (to kuya Bok’s flat) and had dinner with him and his very hospitable Dubai Family / housemates. They cooked Filipino food for us! Then kuya accompanied us to the airport. We were really pampered: hatid-sundo, free food and free accommodation! Our hearts were filled! The best! HAHA!

What we realized from the entire trip is that the hospitality and warmth of the people top off whatever tourist attraction a destination can offer.

So when we’re asked what our favorite country is, among the four we visited, Jayvee and I would say Georgia. Although Turkey has so much more to offer, Georgians’s love and warmth to anyone is something else.

Not Dubai because of our awful experience in Dubai Desert Safari. Its crew is dominated by Indians who treated us horribly. Like every move they make is glaringly attached with agenda of making money! And when we refuse to avail whatever they sell, they’d make either negative or sarcastic remarks! Major turn-off!

More of our adventures through the video below!



  • Flight from Tbilisi Airport to Dubai International Airport
  • Money exchange in the airport (good exchange rates)
  • Arrival at Kuya Bok’s flat around 3am
  • Goodnight!


  • Pinoy Breakfast with Kuya!
  • Seaplane Tour
  • Lunch
  • Pick-up at Burjuman Spinneys Mcdonald’s
  • Desert Safari includes:
    • 4v4 sand dunes ride
    • camel ride
    • cultural show
    • buffet dinner
    • henna tattoo
  • Drop off to Burjuman Spinneys
  • Goodnight!


  • Breakfast
  • Train from Al Fahidi station to Burj Kahlifa/Dubai Mall station
  • Lunch at Dubai Mall
  • Stroll around Burj Khalifa
  • Cab to Dubai Frame
  • Dubai Creek
  • Dinner
  • Airport Transfer
  • Back to Manila!


Check out also the expenses breakdown in this page: https://wordpress.com/post/kimlaurente.com/32

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